New Blog Post From Skylum Shows Their Excitement for AI – Are You Excited?

Skylum just posted a new blog article from the Chief Product Manager of Skylum talking a little bit more about the upcoming Luminar 4. No new features have been announced outside of the previously mentioned AI Sky Replacement filter, but the article does mention that Skylum is heavily invested in Artificial Intelligence to make our photos better.

No AI was used in the creation of this photo – rather a number of manual adjustments were made by myself, including a lot of dodging & burning.

Some interesting quotes from the article: “The secret sauce is how Luminar 4 uses Artificial Intelligence to give users professional quality results in a much simpler, quicker, and more natural way…So Pam (and others like her) can stop being shy about letting her art shine through. So you can use Luminar 4 to grow as a photography artist, not to get tripped up by the most tedious parts of photo editing…We are helping Pam become a photo artist and enjoy the entirety of that process. How cool is that?”

How cool is that? I have no idea, as Skylum hasn’t mentioned anything yet besides the AI Sky Replacement filter, which from what I understand might not allow us to use our own sky photos.

But I am getting concerned with all this AI buzzword going around certain photography software circles. Is this going to be the final dumbing down of photography? Do most photographers want to come home from their shoot and press 1 button and have an AI program develop that photo for them?

I am quite sure a lot of photographers will want such features – those who need to bulk process tons of images at a time for example, or the Instagram crowd. But can you call them a true “artist” if they are not really doing much work to their photos other than adjusting a slider or 2 based off of an AI algorithm, or using supplied skies to their photos? Would a painter want an AI program to lay their paint down for them? Would true photography artists like Ansel Adams be excited about AI?
It sure will be interesting to see what Skylum has in store for Luminar 4. Without knowing yet what their AI plans are, personally I feel I’m more worried than excited.
But that’s just me – what do you think? Feel free to leave a comment below!


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