New Cloud & Sky Sample Kit with 25 Images for Sky Replacement

Now available is a Cloud & Sky Sample Kit perfect for sky replacement using Luminar AI & 4 along with Photoshop’s Sky Replacement Tool.

The photos in this sample kit come from the 3 Cloud & Sky Kits I have available.

In this kit you receive 25 high resolution images:

  • 4 Photos: From my Desert Sunsets Sky Kit
  • 7 Photos: From my Blue Sky Cloud Kit
  • 14 Photos: From my Ultimate 400 Cloud Kit

If you already own my 3 Cloud Kits – this kit is not for you as you already have these!! 😉 

I put together this kit for those who are maybe just starting out with their cloud & sky collection, or are maybe wondering what some of the 700+ Cloud & Skies I have available and want to try out a smaller kit.

The skies in this Sample Kit include clouds from sunny days, stormy days (and one with lightning), sunrise & sunset, and even a Milky Way photo!

They are perfect for real estate & commercial photographers, travel & vacation photographers, creative photographers, illustrators, and anyone else who needs to replace a sky.

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