Streaking Clouds at Sunset at the Tetons

“Streaking Clouds at Sunset at the Tetons”
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

This was photographed at Schwabachers Landing – a popular place to photograph sunsets and sunrises at Grand Teton National Park. Beavers have dammed the Snake River here providing photographers with a mirror-like surface when there is no wind.

I photographed this scene just as the sun was setting behind the Tetons while out scouting for an upcoming photo workshop I was teaching there. I was experimenting with a new filter I purchased from Singh-Ray (use coupon code Matt10 to save 10% on their filters).

The filter I used was the Mor-Slo 10-stop solid neutral density filter. This allowed me so slow my shutter speed down to almost 4 minutes, providing me a great streak to the moving clouds.


How the photo was created.

The scene was photographed with my Sony a7R camera with Metabones III adapter and a Canon 17-40mm f4 lens. It was an almost 4 minute exposure at ISO 100 at f16.

The above photo shows how the camera recorded the scene. This photo is SOOC, or straight out of camera, with no post processing enhancement done yet. I used Capture One Pro and Perfect Photo Suite software to bring the photo back to life.

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