onOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 8 public beta is now available

I didn’t get a chance to post this last week but onOne Software has made available a public pre-release beta of the upcoming Perfect Photo Suite 8 software.


Try out the new features and let them know what you think, as they will be adding more features and final touches based on user feedback.

They are trying to make this the best photo editor for photographers. With Perfect Photo Suite 8 you may just find you don’t need Photoshop that much anymore. Since I started using it regularly my time in Photoshop has dropped to almost none.


Perfect Photo Suite 8 comes complete with layers, masking, resizing, b&w conversions, tons of effects, easy ways to enhance your photos, and make the most of your portrait photos.

Give the beta a try and let them – and me – know how you like it.

I will be teaching a 2-day workshop using Perfect Photo Suite 8 in Phoenix in April of 2014 – more details here.

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