Kiva and Ladder at Mesa Verde National Park Colorado

Sunlight shines down inside a kiva at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado in this photograph from August of 2008.

kiva and ladder

“Kiva and Ladder”

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado
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In order to get into this underground kiva I had to climb down the ladder. If anyone has ever been in a Kiva before you know it is a pretty small room. So once I found a good composition I placed the widest angle lens I had on my camera and crouched down to get this shot.

While it looks like I had the kiva all to myself I had to patiently wait for tourists to come and go so I could photograph during the brief moments when no one else was in there with me.

Dust from the ground helped illuminate the sunlight ray coming from the above opening and the reflected light off the ground and wall gave me all the light I needed inside the dark Kiva.

Photo Details:

This was photographed with my Canon 5D and 16-35mm lens. It was a 1.3s exposure at f16 at iso320.

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