New Tonal Studies Hand Painted Photo Textures and Overlays

NOW AVAILABLE!! Fine art painter Whitney Hall and I are so excited to now have available some amazing textures & overlays you can use with your photos and graphic designs to give them a unique artistic look.

Introducing Tonal Studies Vol 1 & 2 Hand Painted Photo Textures & Overlays.

A total of 100 original hand painted textures are available in two volumes, along with inverts of the textures, and transparent versions perfect for clipping path usage – for a total fo 400 files.

The textures are for creative photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, and anyone else looking for that extra artistic look for their images & designs.

These are true hand-painted textures & overlays, created by a professional fine art painter specifically for textures and overlays. They are not digital creations, nor were they painted by a photographer like me who doesn’t know anything about painting.

The textures & overlays are designed for any program that uses Layers and Blend Modes including Photoshop, ON1, Luminar, Topaz Studio 2, Canva and more. They also work in the mobile versions of Photoshop and Procreate.

Full details on these textures & overlays including more before/after images can be found here.

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