Creative Photography classroom workshop with Perfect Photo Suite 8 in Phoenix wrap-up

What a great class and group of students Christine Hauber and I had this past weekend when we taught Perfect Photo Suite 8 from onOne Software during our Creative Photography Classroom Workshop in North Phoenix.

Apr 13 2014216

Over the course of 2 days I taught the most important functions and features of Perfect Photo Suite 8. Students were given a selection of my photos to work on and follow along in the class. I gave examples on how to use each of the modules in PPS8 while Christine walked around helping the students and answering questions. A bunch of time was set aside for one-on-one instruction from us both as students worked on enhancing their own photos.

Apr 13 2014210

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Sony a7R Field Report #2: Sports Action

This is an ongoing report that I started on February 15, 2014 following my purchase of the new full-frame mirrorless 36.4MP Sony Alpha a7R digital camera.
You can view the entire report here.

The other evening I brought my Sony a7R camera to a youth soccer game to see how the camera responds to sports action photography.

It has been a number of years since I photographed any sports action. Being a former photojournalist for 17 years I had the opportunity to photograph countless sporting events from youth to professional sports and everything in between. Being a number of years removed from those days, the rust was evident the other night while shooting as my timing was terrible.

Sony a7R with Metabones adapter and old Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L lens at ISO 10,000 at 1/400s at f3.2

Sony a7R with Metabones adapter and old Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L lens at ISO 10,000 at 1/400s at f3.2

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Sony a7R Field Reports

On February 14, 2014 I took delivery of my newest camera body – the recently released full-frame mirrorless 36.4MP Sony Alpha a7R digital camera.

Photo Feb 15, 12 35 18 PM

I purchased this camera expecting it to be a replacement to my old Canon 5DII digital SLR camera body. As a fine art photographer who specializes in primarily landscape photography printed large (currently up to 10 feet) resolution and image quality are among my top requirements for a camera.

I passed on the Canon 5DIII when it was released a few years back, finding it not too much more impressive spec-wise than the 5DII. Not wanting to wait any longer for Canon to release an update to the 5DIII I decided to jump ship to Sony, who seems to be innovating at a breakneck speed these days.

What follows is a collection of field reports as I learn how to use this camera and incorporate it into my fine art photography. 

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Capture One Pro updated to v7.2

Capture One Pro raw converter software from Phase One has recently been updated to version 7.2


The free update mostly brings support to Phase One’s new IQ250 digital back and fixes a number of bugs.

Here is a link to the update.

Here are the release notes:

Highlights, version 7.2
This release provides support for the new Phase One IQ250 digital back and offers a large number

of improvements related to key features of the IQ250. In addition it fixes a number of bugs.

Camera file support

• Phase One IQ250. Camera tethered support

• Phase One IQ250.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved live view frame rate on Mac.
  • Improved live view alignment between Mac and Windows
  • Fixed a number of live view issues.
  • Improved tethered stability on Mac.
  • Fixed some XMP syncing issues.
  • Improved importer performance on Mac.
  • Fixed a stability issue related to collapsing of stacks on Mac.
  • Fixed a stability issue related to reordering jobs in the batch queue on Mac.
  • Fixed some LCC issues.
  • A number of other bug fixes.

onOne Releases Perfect Photo Suite 8

onOne Software today has officially released version 8 of their excellent photo editing & enhancing software Perfect Photo Suite. A number of great improvements makes this a must-have for photographers!!

On top of that it looks like they reduced the price of the software. The full premium suite used to sell for $299 but now is available for just $179.

Perfect Photo Suite 8

If you haven’t used this software yet I encourage you to download the free trail. This is software I use almost daily and has been a great replacement for Photoshop on most of the things I do in my digital darkroom.

I will be teaching classes on Perfect Photo Suite 8 in 2014, with the first class in April – details can be found on my photo workshop page.

Here is the official press release from onOne regarding Perfect Photo Suite 8: 

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onOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 8 public beta is now available

I didn’t get a chance to post this last week but onOne Software has made available a public pre-release beta of the upcoming Perfect Photo Suite 8 software.


Try out the new features and let them know what you think, as they will be adding more features and final touches based on user feedback.

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