White Pelican in Fog on the Snake River at the Tetons

“White Pelican in Fog on the Snake River at the Tetons”
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming


Earlier this month I spent 4 days in Jackson, Wyoming exhibiting at the Jackson Hole Art Festival. On my way back to Bozeman, MT I headed out early that day so I could photograph the sunrise at the Oxbow Bend Turnout.




While photographing the sunrise, I noticed this white pelican slowly cruising the Snake River coming towards me. I took the wide angle lens off my camera and put my 150-600mm lens on my camera and tripod and photographed the pelican as it was floating past me.

A light fog in the early morning light gave this a nice moody feel to the photograph.

How the photo was created

This was photographed with my Sony a7R camera using a Metabones adapter and the Sigma 150-600mm Canon EF lens. It was processed in Capture One Pro and enhanced in Perfect Photo Suite.


An American White Pelican floats along the river near Mount Moran at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

The photo SOOC, or straight out of the camera, with no enhancement.


As you can see in the above photo I had to make a number of tonal and color corrections to bring the photo to life. I also cropped it into a panorama, getting rid of dead space along the top and bottom.

It was shot at iso 2000 at 1/500s at f/8 at 600mm.

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