Scrappy, this is a deer.

Scrappy, this is a deer. Now stop trying to eat their poop!

He got a chance to finally see deer up close in the daylight today. The other morning was his first encounter as he came within a few feet of one while doing his business in the dark at 5am. OMG the weird growling noise he made – not very loud and don’t think it was mean, but he sounded like a person talking – so funny and cute. I have to get some audio of that sometime soon.

Back in Phoenix Arizona for the winter, with a new puppy

This past weekend I packed up my RV and trailer and left my summer Santa Fe, New Mexico location for my annual winter retreat in Phoenix, Arizona. It was starting to get a bit chilly in Santa Fe and the art festivals in the Phoenix area are just starting to get underway.

By late July, Scrappy already had his own chair outside my RV.

By late July, Scrappy already had his own chair outside my RV.

I didn’t leave Santa Fe alone this year and had the pleasure of sharing my ride with my new copilot Scrappy. A blue heeler Australian cattle dog, this little fellow started hanging around my RV in July looking for scraps of food. He soon had his own chair and eventually started hanging around for companionship in addition to the treats I would give him.

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