Early evening light at Coyote Buttes

I photographed this 7 years ago in Coyote Buttes, a very remote area in Northern Arizona along the Utah border.

evening light at coyote buttes

Earlier in the day I was photographing at the Wave when I tripped and slightly fractured my ankle and had to hike out using my tripod as a crutch. This was photographed on the hike out.

When I eventually hiked out and drove back to where my tent was set up, the ankle went right into the beer cooler. I ended up staying in the area for a couple more days photographing, then had the ankle checked out by a doctor when I returned to Phoenix.

The RAW file of this photo had been sitting on my hard drive all this time before I enhanced it and brought it to life earlier this week using Capture One Pro and Perfect Photo Suite. This photo is part of my Open Edition Collection and you can purchase prints in numerous different sizes and finishes here.

Little Tree, Big Shadow – Arizona

This was photographed in April of 2007 on one of 2 separate photo trips I did in Coyote Buttes, Arizona that month.

Little Tree Big Shadow

“Little Tree, Big Shadow”

(click on photo to view larger and to purchase signed and numbered prints)


I really love the light & shadow in this photo and how Mother Nature always finds a way to create life where none is expected.

The small tree has no business growing where it is in the middle of sand – yet there it is healthy and alive as ever.

Photo Details:

This was photographed with a Canon 5D and Canon 24-70mm lens in 2007

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