Sony Just Announced New 60MP Camera – Am I Bummed Now That I Switched to Olympus?

So right on the heals of me leaving Sony FF for Olympus, Sony today announces a 60MP upgrade to the camera I just got rid of. Am I upset? Am I regretting my choice??

Absolutely not, and this shot is just one reason why!

There is more to a camera than it’s megapixels, and what you can do with a camera is now more important to me than the megapixels. And the Live Composition feature in particular of my Olympus OM-D E-M1X camera is one such feature that allows me to create images that would have been either too difficult to do otherwise or it would have been such a pain that I probably wouldn’t have shot it to begin with.

This shot of storm clouds at sunset is one example, photographed a couple nights ago using Live Comp with my M.Zuiko 12-100mm f4 Pro Lens. If I shot this with another camera I’d have to take a series of photos and stack them in Photoshop to get a similar effect. I would have no idea on how it would look until I was in front of my computer. Accurate exposures can also be a problem especially with the light conditions I had at the time.

But with Live Comp I set it up with a test exposure of 1/2s at f11 at ISO 64 and once that first exposure was set I could just watch the results happening live on my LCD screen as Live Comp only recorded new light. By watching my LCD screen I was able to stop the photo at the exact moment I wanted to. No guessing on exposures, no guessing how the image would look stacked, etc. I had a finished RAW file right then and there and I knew exactly what I was getting!

High megapixels don’t mean anything if you can’t get the shot 😉 And oh yeah, when I do need more megapixels I can easily turn on High Res mode on my Olympus and record an 80MP RAW file during my landscape shooting, so there! 😎

So I’m not bummed at all about the Sony announcement today, and I can’t wait for FedEx to come tomorrow with the new lenses I bought yesterday from Olympus’s website 😀

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