How to remove and replace a sky background with Perfect Photo Suite 8

In this video tutorial I show you how to mask out and remove a boring sky background and replace it with a better looking sky background using onOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 8.

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  • GUS IZURIETA June 28, 2014   Reply →

    Hi Matt !!
    I just watched one of your tutorial ……. I found it very good ( replacing the sky )
    You speak clearly and at the right speed.
    Many thanks from Australia


  • Margaret August 11, 2014   Reply →

    Followed this video tonight to change an extremely dull sky and it worked perfectly. Mind you, it was a very easy change this time so will see how it goes with a more complicated photo tehe.

    Thank you!

    • Matt Suess August 12, 2014   Reply →

      Excellent – glad to hear the video helped Margaret!

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