Hollyhock Flower with Olympus Focus Stacking II

Here is another shot of some Hollyhock flowers and buds I photographed in my backyard the other night here in Bozeman, Montana with my Olympus OM-D E-M1X camera using the M.Zuiko 300mm f4 Pro lens.



I used the Focus Stacking feature of the camera set up for 15 shots with a focus differential of 2, with my camera mounted onto my Benro tripod with settings of ISO 200 at 1/400s at f/11.

I really wanted to give ON1 RAW 2019.5 a shot at processing this but ran into two issues: 1) It doesn’t look like ON1 does more than 14-image focus stacks, and 2) the results from focus-stacking 14 of the 15 images were not good at all and was going to take way too much cleanup 😢

So I processed the RAW files in Lightroom, then sent the 15 images to Photoshop for the focus stacking. Because there was a light breeze and everything was moving ever so slightly between frames, even Photoshop didn’t do a perfect job of the stacking and I had a little bit of cleanup work to do.

I next brought the photo into ON1 RAW to do a little more cleanup using their edge aware brushes. Then I sent the file to the new Topaz Labs Studio 2 to finish the stylizing of this image.



In the above screenshot you can see the filters I used in Topaz Studio 2. All were very subtle adjustments, which provided me with the look I wanted.



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