First Night: The Bridger Foothills Fire in Bozeman, Montana

By numerous requests, I now have prints available of my photo “First Night: The Bridger Foothills Fire”. I will be donating 75% of all sales after expenses to the Bridger Foothills Fire Relief Fund organized by the Greater Gallatin United Way and the One Valley Community Foundation. Help me help support our local community who have suffered from this devastating fire that is, as of right now, not under control. You can order here.

First Night: The Bridger Foothills Fire

When I first published this photo a few days ago I had no idea how popular it would become, having been shared nearly 1,000 times already with a number of requests for use of it to help raise donations. As an artist I am always grateful when my artwork is appreciated, even when the subject matter is difficult.

My fiancee Whitney Hall and I first saw this fire around the time it started, shortly after 3:00pm Friday while shopping at Cashman’s Nursery. On the drive back to our home in Four Corners, we noticed the flames were getting huge fast. We got home, grabbed my cameras, and headed back out to document the fire that afternoon.

We went back out again that evening around 10pm to check on the progress. Finding a great vantage point to photograph from, it was shocking to see how much the fire had grown. I thought of the people who might be in harm’s way, and of those trying to fight this fire to protect lives and homes. It was concerning seeing the height of the flames through my lens as I tried to create an image that spoke of the intensity and power of this fire that evening.

With the help of moonlight lighting up the foreground and Bridgers, I took a 10-minute exposure showcasing not only the fire but the vast sky above filled with stars above the smoke layer. Ten minutes in time for a single photo, but a much longer time for those directly or indirectly impacted by this. I wanted to create an element of beauty in this photo which at the time the fire was greatly affecting those in it’s path. And now, I hope this image can help those recovering from the devastation.

So again, you can purchase a print, a notecard, or other items and I will be donating 75% of all sales after expenses to the Bridger Foothills Fire Relief Fund. You can order here.

In addition if you would like to donate directly to the Bridger Foothills Fire Relief Fund you can do that here.

Thank you for your support to our community and please feel free to share this post!

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