Canon announces the new 50MP 5DS and 5DS R DSLR cameras

Canon has officially announced their new 50MP cameras – the Canon 5DS and 5DS R DLSR cameras. Anyone planning on getting these cameras?


Me personally despite the high MP – which I could use for my work – it is not enough to get me to switch back from the Sony mirrorless a7 and a7R cameras. Once you go mirrorless it’s tough to go back!

I am addicted to the smaller size & price of the Sony bodies but more importantly I am addicted to the image quality from Sony. The dynamic range of those cameras is off the charts compared to the competition.

According to dpreview the dynamic range of the new cameras won’t be improved over the performance of the current EOS 5DmkIII – which came out 3 years ago! Since I switched to Sony I have rarely ever had to bracket my exposures to use HDR techniques for my photography.

In addition I am not impressed with the “high” ISO of the new Canon cameras – topping out at only ISO 6400.

There are rumors Sony will be releasing a 50MP mirrorless this year – I can easily wait for that.

How about you? Is this the camera you have been dreaming about?

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