One Camera, One Lens Photo Essays

Photography is a wonderful hobby and profession. But so often photographers get too obsessed with the gear and think they need to have every camera body and lens out there.

Truth is, learning how to use the gear you already have will make you a much better photographer (that and taking one of my photo workshops of course) than buying more gear.

When I was a photojournalist (a career I did for 17 years) and we would get into a creative rut, our photo editor would send us out on assignment and take all of our photo gear except for one camera and one lens. We then had to shoot our assignments with the limited setup and return with something good enough for the next day’s front page. Talk about pressure and stimulating creativity!

With my switch to the smaller and lighter mirrorless full-frame cameras from Sony – the a7 and a7R – I find myself taking at least one of those camera bodies and a Sony FE 35mm lens with me almost everywhere I go. It has become my “point-and-shoot” setup in a way, replacing my real point-and-shoot Canon G10 and even my iPhone. And it has led to greater creative situations for me.

While walking around the Arizona State Fair in October, 2014 with my Sony a7 and 35mm lens I started thinking back to my photojournalism days when we were limited to one camera and one lens and decided to make a project out of it.

What follows are photo essays from my travels, when I was only shooting with one camera, and one lens.

Prints from the Arizona State Fair 2014 photo essay can be purchased here.


Expect more photo essays to be added here in the future.


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