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I am an award-winning photographer who started my career at the age of 12 when I had my own chemical photo darkroom. My professional photography career started 8 years later in 1990.

For the next 17 years I was a photojournalist based in New England. Published worldwide, some of my credits include: The Associated Press, Boston Herald, Connecticut Post, Cape Cod Times, Cape Cod View Magazine, National Geographic Traveler Magazine, New Haven Register, Sojourns Travel Magazine, and USA Today to name just a few.

In 2003 I was awarded the New England Press Association’s Photographer of the Year Award, an award presented to me for my photojournalist work throughout the entire 2002 calendar year working as a freelance photographer for the Cape Cod Times.

I am a digital photography pioneer, helping bring the first digital cameras to the Connecticut Post Newspaper in the late 1990′s. In addition I assisted with the implementation and training of the photo staff in the use of digital cameras and equipment at the Cape Cod Times Newspaper in the late 1990′s and early 2000′s.

In 2003 while still a photojournalist I starting selling my landscape photography at fine art festivals. In 2006 when I moved to Arizona, I left my career as a photojournalist behind and have since been a full-time artist.

For the last 3 years I have been a full-time RV’er. Currently based in Scottsdale, AZ in the winter and Santa Fe, NM in the summer, I have the unique opportunity to spend days at a location photographing as my house (RV) is always near me. The variety of my work has also increased as there are so many photo possibilities while on the road.

Even though I started selling my fine art photography at art festivals in 2003 I have actually been selling my work ever since I started in 1990. My initial clients were editors, publishers, and people interested in my wedding and portrait photography. Now my clients are art collectors located worldwide, some of whom have been following me ever since the beginning.

I also continue to be a digital photography pioneer, working with different photo companies as a beta tester, writing tips and photography related stories for my website and others, and pushing the limits of my art to keep my work fresh and continually changing & improving. In addition I continue to teach other photographers with photo workshops and one-on-one study.


Artist Statement

A 17 year award-winning photojournalist career that ended in 2006 when I switched paths and went full-time with my fine art photography helped shape the type of person, photographer, and artist that I have become.

Early in my art career I struggled with the enhancement of my photography. Being a photojournalist for so long it was against our ethics to alter a photo much beyond the way the camera recorded it. It took me a number of years to remove those constraints and embrace my digital darkroom enhancements, for my artistic vision is much more emotional, intense, and real compared to what a camera captures.

Most of my work focuses on the beauty I see in the world, be it manmade or natural landscapes. Again influenced from my photojournalism days when we photographed a lot of negativity, in my current art career I primarily focus on the incredible beauty and color I see in the world and this joy is clearly evident in my work. My work is full of intense color, contrast & detail so refined my work appears 3-dimensional and back-lit, especially when it is printed on my HD Aluminum Masterpiece Editions.

In the field photographing I take multiple exposures of the same scene with my camera on a tripod. This allows me to record the entire tonal range from the brightest brights to the darkest darks and I can retain detail in those areas which single exposure photographs can not capture alone.

In my digital darkroom I combine those multiple exposures and further enhance them using photo specific software combined with techniques I first learned in my traditional chemical darkroom that I now use in my digital darkroom.

I am extremely involved in social media (FacebookTwitterGoogle+), constantly updating my website & blog with fresh content, writing for my weekly photo newsletter, and always studying and learning new techniques to market and sell my work.

Over 35 weekends in 2014 you can find me exhibiting my work at juried art festivals in AZ, CO, UT, WY, TX, and NM. A partial list of venues I have previously shown in include Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale Arizona, La Quinta Art Festival, Indio Southwest Arts Festival, Cottonwood Art Festival, Art Fair Jackson Hole, Crested Butte Art Festival, Vail Arts Festival, Arizona Fine Art Expo, and the Utah Arts Festival.

The rest of the weekends and time between shows are reserved for teaching photo workshops and online classes, maintaining my popular photography blog, in the field photographing, and in my digital darkroom in my RV enhancing my photos. Being a full-time RV’er allows me to accomplish such an aggressive schedule and also allows me the benefit of being able to park my home in wonderful landscapes which I can photograph for days on end.

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Matt Suess


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