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Suess Photo Textures & Backgrounds License Agreement

 By purchasing a stock texture and/or background set from Suess Fine Art Photography, you agree to the following:

Suess Fine Art Photography offers photographs of materials (“Textures & Backgrounds”) for photographers, special effects artists, graphic designers, game developers, and other professions.

Suess Fine Art Photography retains full ownership of the textures & backgrounds under all intellectual property laws.

No payment or royalties are required to use these Textures & Backgrounds.

The use of the Textures & Backgrounds is non-exclusive, royalty free, and you have the right to modify them for the uses permitted under the clause Conditions of Use.

Due to the nature of digital files all sales are final.

The textures may be used by the licensee in any personal and/or commercial projects.

Conditions of Use

It is NOT permitted to:

– Bundle the images with software such as photo software and/or apps, paint programs, 3D programs, photo-kiosk software, or any other such uses.

– Sell, resell, or distribute any of these textures & backgrounds in an unmodified form, or where the derived product (modifying the texture’s look to then resell) you are selling or distributing is a Texture/Background or a collection of Textures/Backgrounds. In other words: do not sell or distribute any of these textures/backgrounds (modified or not) by itself or in a texture or scrapbooking pack.

– File sharing of these textures/backgrounds is strictly not allowed.

Thank you for your acceptance and enforcement of these terms.

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