Subtle Essentials Set 1

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This collection of 25 essential photo textures are a must-have for your photo texture collection.

Subtle Essentials Set 1 features photos of very light textures such as White Texture Light and Linen Light to textures with a little more bite and color such as Avocado Lines and Tight Burlap. There are photo textures of denim, leather, silver & gold foil, cork, kraft paper and more. See the photo gallery below for a larger view of each texture included.

With the subtlety of the textures in this set you will find numerous opportunities to use them to add the perfect touch to your fine art photographs. This set is sure to become my most popular texture set.

Subtle Essentials Set 1

Subtle Essentials Set 1 – photographed by me with a 36MP camera using a color chart for color accuracy. These photos are available in a huge resolution of 7,500px x 5,000px!

Purchase all 25 textures
for just $15

Each high resolution image is sized at 7,500px x 5,000px at 300 dpi with the sRGB color profile. The files have been saved as a JPG file (for ease of downloading) just once with a quality setting ranging from 70%-95%. Each photo has been individually optimized and enhanced to correct for color, tone, lens distortion if noticeable, and clarity. Dust spots and distractions have also been removed leaving you with a file ready to add to your project.

Be sure to read the licensing agreement prior to purchasing.

Photos included in this set:

How to use:

– First click on the add to cart button to purchase. Shortly after your payment is made you will be emailed a link to download the file(s). You will only have 5 opportunities  to download the file(s) before the download link expires. Make sure you are connected to a high speed internet connection as these files are rather large and may take some time to download. It is advised you immediately backup your download to another hard drive, the cloud, other media, etc. as you will not be able to download it again in the future without re-purchasing.

– Open the zip file by double-clicking on it. A folder will then appear with all 25 images in it along with a Read Me PDF file. These textures/backgrounds can be used in any photo software that supports layers including Perfect Photo Suite 8, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Lightroom (via the Perfect Photo Suite for Lightroom plugin).

– Check out my Tips & Tutorials for more help in using these textures.

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