Download my free Lightroom and ON1 Photo Presets today!

Included are 5 presets for Lightroom and 7 presets for ON1 Photo designed to fix common problems with landscape photos (and even other types of photography).



Here is what is included with the Lightroom presets:

A little punch – designed to add some pop to your photos

Extra punch with vignette – designed to add even more pop with a slight vignette

Fix flat landscape and darken sky – add contrast and detail to your photo with an adjustable gradient to darken the sky

Overexposure Fix – designed to help fix overexposed photos

Underexposure fix – designed to help fix underexposed photos



And here is what is included with the ON1 Photo presets:

Aggressive Highlight Recovery – Recover blown out highlights with a slight color bump

Aggressive Shadow Recovery – Recover dark shadows with a little color enhancement

Blue Sky Boost – Achieve a deep rich blue sky with extra cloud detail with this adjustable gradient preset.

Fix the Flats – Fix flat photos with this fairly aggressive way to restore detail and contrast.

Golden Hour – Add a little bit of warmth and sunshine with a light vignette.

Magic Landscape – Bring to life average looking landscape photos and turn them magically into great looking photos.

The Basics – This preset is a great starting point for almost any landscape photo.