Why Choose Matt Suess for Your Photography Education Needs

Investing in your photography education is an important decision and one of the best ways to advance your knowledge, but who you choose to learn from is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Let’s face it, taking a photo workshop can be costly after you factor in the tuition fees, hotel costs, airline travel, car rental, extra photo gear needed, and time spent away from doing other commitments or opportunities. You don’t want that money wasted on a teacher who won’t put your learning needs first and who doesn’t have much experience or love for teaching.

Continue reading so you can decide how my teaching and workshops can help benefit you and your photography hobby or budding career. And if you need more information simply contact me with any additional questions you may have and I will reply promptly.




Photography Experience

One of the first things you need to consider is the photography experience of the teacher.

I have been a full-time professional photographer since 1990. I was a photojournalist for 17 years – winning the 2003 New England Press Photographer’s Photographer of the Year Award – and have been a fine art photographer since 2006. I have experience shooting professional sports, breaking news, feature photography, portrait, corporate, magazine, wedding, event, landscape, nature, and even some wildlife photography. I have also been published worldwide in newspapers, books and magazines.

I have taught free webinars with on1 software and I am featured on professional filter manufacturer Singh-Ray Filter’s website. You can read more about my bio and experience here.

“Love the teaching style… The workshop is well paced and Matt is a very knowledgable instructor.”

Teaching Style & Ability

Just as important as photography experience is teaching style and ability. I have been teaching photographers for over 15 years, starting in the late 1990’s by training colleagues at the Connecticut Post Newspaper on shooting with their first ever digital cameras and transmitting images back to the office on deadline, and continuing with other newspapers that I worked for and with.

I took a few years off from teaching when I moved to Arizona in 2006 to fully immerse myself with landscape photography and selling fine art photographs. Since 2011 I have been increasing the amount and variety of workshops I teach every year. I currently offer workshops in the classroom, out in the field and online. I additionally teach private one-on-one sessions either in-person or online. Classes are now routinely selling out and many students are repeat students.

My teaching style is professional and relaxed. I am courteous and encouraging, I am supportive and cater to each photographer’s individual needs, and I don’t try to push my own style upon my students as I recognize that every individual has their own voice and expresses themselves differently though photography.

“You are near perfect in all aspects from teaching style, to preparation, to organization and materials. In that sense you exceeded my expectations.”

I love teaching and my students’ needs come above everything else. I have heard of bad experiences with students at other workshops where the “teacher” was more concerned with getting his/her own shot and never helped the students. I rarely photograph and when I do it is for just a moment – usually to show a technique or assist in exposure settings and composition or other demonstrations. I always try to scout new locations prior to the start of every workshop and that is when I get my shots, so that when the workshop starts I can focus on my students getting their shots.


Most of my workshops feature a mixture of lectures/demonstrations and hands-on learning with many opportunities for one-on-one instruction. Some photographers prefer less instruction and just want to be brought to great locations at the right time, and those photographers are free to explore more on their own. Other photographers need more assistance and I am always there for them. With my experience I am able to provide instruction from brand-new beginners to professionals.

Benefits for Student Alumni

Anyone who has taken a class from me before becomes an instant member of my Student Alumni and as such is eligible for discounts on any of my other photo workshops. Prior to registering online, contact me so I can give you a special discount code for the workshop you want to register for. Mention which workshop you previously attended when submitting the form.

“Great to have one-on-one help! Good job keeping the pace for the whole class – you managed the group and schedule well. Great work taking questions and addressing specific needs.”

Refer a Friend Program

Refer a friend to one of my workshops and you will be eligible for a special discount on your next workshop. You or your friend must contact me within 10 days of your friend’s registration to be eligible.

References & Testimonials

Feel free to read testimonials from my many students.


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