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In order to best handle the growing needs of my website and the future direction it and my business is heading in, I have decided to go back to WordPress for my photography blogging needs.

About a year and a half ago I stopped using WordPress in favor of the newly released blog platform on Zenfolio – the excellent company that handles my online photo galleries and shopping cart. 

Unfortunately Zenfolio never really seemed to put more time into improving the blog platform since it debuted. Text formatting was always a pain, there is no way to subscribe to comments, limited design options, problems with some code added for affiliates, no plugin support, and I was experiencing intermittent problems when flipping some stories from my RSS feed into Flipboard – an awesome iPad news app (also available for Android) that allows you to create magazines.

The look of my old blog pages, of which archives can be found at: http://www.mattsuess.com/blog

The look of my old blog pages, of which archives can be found at: http://www.mattsuess.com/blog

I would still recommend Zenfolio’s blogs to the majority of users whose needs may not be as advanced as mine.

Rather than waste valuable time importing all the blog posts I created on Zenfolio into WordPress, I have decided to start from scratch. The blog archives on Zenfolio will be located here: http://www.mattsuess.com/blog

Moving forward my photography blog can be found here: http://www.blog.mattsuess.com

Be sure to bookmark the new link! Expect to see on the blog more photography news, information, special offers on equipment, reviews, photo tips, and of course behind-the-scenes looks at me and my fine art photography.

I will also be using some user submitted content on the blog – if you would like to submit articles for consideration for publication on my photography blog contact me.

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  • Jim Parker September 11, 2013   Reply →

    Like the new format, Matt. Looks like you’ve really monetized this format. Lots of hot ticket ads on both sides. Good content, too.

    Best, Jim

    • Matt Suess September 11, 2013   Reply →

      Hey thanks Jim – I really appreciate your feedback! It is a big turn of directions and now the framework is all in place.

      By the way I am looking for blog contributors – send me a private message if you think you might be interested and want to talk more 🙂

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