Top 5 reasons why I love Shopify for my photography e-commerce website

UPDATE May 27, 2016

Last month I began the transition of moving my online photo galleries to PhotoDeck.com to handle my online sales. While I still love and recommend Shopify, my online photo gallery needs has evolved to the point where I plan on adding thousands of photos online and felt that Shopify would not scale very easily based on my needs.

I have been very pleased so far with my transition to PhotoDeck and can highly recommend them. If you are considering PhotoDeck for your online photo gallery needs, be sure to use coupon code “[email protected]” to save 50% off your first month’s subscription!

Original article published Feb. 28, 2015

Since November of 2014 I have been using Shopify for my online e-commerce photography website selling fine art photographs, photo workshops, and digital download products and I couldn’t be happier.



I will probably do a more extensive review in the near future but for now here are the top 5 reasons why I love using Shopify.

Top 5 reasons why I love Shopify:

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Profile of my photography business from SalesVu

For the last few years I have been processing my credit card transactions through the popular Square App on my iPhone and iPad.

In June of this year I heard of a company called SalesVu that is a complete POS (Point of Sale) system for the iPhone and iPad that offers a rate lower than Square, offers inventory control and online ordering, has telephone support, and free could-based management & reporting.

I started processing my credit card transactions with them full-time in July and have been extremely pleased and glad I moved on from Square.

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