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2 FREE HDR Photography Classes, Available Exclusively on Skillshare

By Matt Suess

Are you interested in HDR Photography, but you don't know where to start? 

Are you confused about exposure bracketing and how to photograph a scene using multiple exposures? 

Do you want to earn how to process and enhance your photos, using one of the most advanced - yet easy to learn - HDR software programs around? 

Then my FREE HDR classes are just for you!


Shooting and processing HDR photographs does not need to be complicated or difficult to do. In these two FREE classes I take you through all of the steps of first properly photographing a scene using multiple exposures. Then I walk you through the process of blendng each of those exposures together using Macphun's Aurora HDR Pro - the world's most powerful HDR software.

These two classes were professionally filmed on location in Sedona & Jerome, Arizona by Skillshare and then edited by them back in NYC.  

Over 1 Hour of Instruction

Watch me in the field photographing, then follow along as I process the photos on my computer. All throughout I offer tips and insight into what I am doing. 

Ask Questions in the Class Community Section

Have a question after watching the classes? Post it in the Class Community Section and have your questions answered by fellow students and myself.

Share Your Photos in the Class Project Gallery

Show off your favorite HDR photographs in the Class Project Gallery. Tell other students how you photographed and processed it, show before photos, and even ask for critique & help on photos you are not sure about.

Watch the Videos Again and Again, on your Computer, Phone, or Tablet

You will have access to the classes for as long as you are a member of Skillshare and you can watch on almost any device you have.

Skillshare is an online learning Community of 1.5M+ focused on design, photography, business, DIY, and more. My HDR classes join more than 6,500 classes on the Skillshare platform.

Take a look at this FREE Bonus video, "Tips for How to Shoot HDR" 

to get an idea on how great the class videos look:

Click on the above video to start playback.

Aurora HDR Pro from Macphun - the creators of the excellent and highly recommended Creative Kit - came out at the end of the year in 2015 and took the photography world by storm (already over 550,000 downloads as of late June, 2016). It instantly becoming my favorite HDR program.  

It has features like Layers that other HDR programs can't compete with. If you want to do a "naural" looking HDR or a more "artsy" HDR photo, Aurora can do it for you. There is almost every tonal & color control you could want or think of, it comes loaded with tons of presets, it has great brushes & erasers to paint in or out the effect you are looking for in specific areas of your photo, and as I already mentioned it works on Layers.

It even works great on single exposure images too!

Learn How to Take This:

And Create This:

Choose between either version and order here:

Intro to HDR Photography: Shooting and Editing High Dynamic Range

Testimonials from Students Taking This Class:

"Well done. Everyone can get something from this basic starter course." - Robert Morrison

"Thank you! Your class was great." - Gabriel Antonio

"Great overview of basic techniques to get started." - Glenn Montgomery

"As a regular user of Aurora, I found Matt's teaching clear , authoritative and easy to follow. An excellent video." - Julian Easten

"Great class!! Everything you need to know about Aurora HDR and more!" - Gerry Mullan

"A nice overview of HDR photography and Aurora HDR. Looking forward to his next class on HDR photography." - Patrick Cooney

"Excellent so far, really clear and easy to understand. A great teacher, thanks. Looking forward to the next class." - Storm Fresh

"Great class!" - Daniel Rizoto

"Nicely done! Enjoyed the entire course!" - Eric Dreczko

"Great introduction to Aurora software and the importance of the first steps in Bracketing photo's etc." - Michael Barber

"Nice Quick View of HDR." - John Armstrong

"Good basic information for photographing and processing a HDR." - Ton Nolles

"Great explanation of the HDR technique!" - Charles Peoples III

"While I know a little about HDR and have been using Aurora since its release, I learnt a lot even from Matt's introductory video. Very useful." - Andrew Leask

"A lot of good stuff even when you have been working with HDR." - Reynolds Young  

"Matt is a fantastic instructor. Thorough with good illustrations." - Johnny Shipman 

"While I have been using Aurora HDR Pro for a while now I found the classes most helpful." - Gary Rennick

"Very informative and easy to follow. Great overview...looking forward to follow-up class." - Frances Gorbet  

"I don't even own a camera, and I loved the course. I can manipulate other people's photos." - Susie Learey  

"Fascinating stuff !!" - Marlon Kaszick

"Interesting, Informative, To the point." - Wenke Adam 

"Well done entry level production. basic concepts are presented and should be easily understood by a beginner." - Scott Garrod

"Thank you, Matt, for walking us through shooting and editing HDR photography. I appreciated all the advice given. What impressed me most was the importance of shooting RAW photos as still and quickly as possible, using a tripod and in-camera adjustments, to optimize clarity and a professional result. I look forward to more 'classes', and thank you again for your willingness to share your expertise!" - Linda Ehlers

"The class was helpful and I learned some things I did't know." - Robert Wardall

"This class was very straight forward and not too technical. I have a DSLR, but do not know how to use it. The class helped me to understand and use aperture settings, f stops, ISO settings, AEB, etc. (really what happened is that when I heard these terminologies I read the manual and learned what they do!). Anyway, I followed the class instruction and produced a beautiful photo that is now on my desktop. Looking forward to an upcoming trip to Yosemite!" - David Senior  

"Informative & an extremely easy to follow video, will definitely give it a try." - Jenny Reid  

"As a real estate photographer, this was a great review." - Cher Lee

"Great introduction to HDR photography. Covers every thing a beginner needs to know and even has some good tips for more experienced shooters." - Milton Anglin

"Great Class!! I haven't tried HDR before but will definitely give it a go now. Matt's got a great teaching style, he explains well and at no time gets too far ahead even for an old goat like me!!" - Keith Campbell  

"Very well done, the presenter was even, no ego, factual and knowledgeable. Thank you." - Michael Huidobro  

"Very well presented, especially when certain decisions have to made about what to shoot and not. Nice tips on shortcuts during post processing." - Shashwat Parhi

"Clear and understandable class for beginner in HDR photography. Beautiful examples." - Pierre Lambert  

"Very good intro especially general intro comments about HDR and what to look out for thank you - John in Sydney." - John Tilyard

"Great intro to HDR, has filled in some gaps for me already and I am mid-advanced at this." - Craig Brown  

"I learned a bit that I didn't know. Even though the intro portion of the class takes a bit too long, overall I think it was clearly presented." - William Wiesner

"Marvelously practical introduction that combines moving at a fair lick with not being too fast. Very concise presentation that I found very helpful. Also just the right length! Thanks Matt!" - Bryan Thompson

"Wonderful and easy to follow Matt's techniques and explanations. Great tips and insights." - Domenic Arrotta

"I have always been interested in HDR and this introductory class will get me started on the right foot. I would recommend. this series of videos to anyone interested in shooting and editing HDR for the first time." - Frank Williams

"Straight and to the point instruction, without excess bull." - Jeffrey Chain  

"Fast, Direct, Clear and Effective. This class goes right to the point and the instructor teaches very simple and clear and understanding. Thumbs up." - Jeffrey Rodríguez Saldaña  

"Matt did a really nice job explaining the HDR process. His tips and actual photo shoot were very clearly explained. Well done." - Lonnie Duberstein

"If you're looking for a quick preview of just what HDR can do for your photography, this is the perfect class to take while you're having a sandwich at lunch time at your desk. HDR and Aurora HDR Pro software are the only way to fly ..." - Bob Heskamp  

"Outstanding introduction to HDR." - Gilbert Lazan

"I have been using Aurora HDR pro for several months and have watched a number of tutorials. The basic set up and explanation by Matt for using brackets was the best I've seen. Very helpful." - Paul Guertin 

"I am an absolute beginner. Don't even have a camera yet. But I purchased Aurora HDR Pro for use with some book cover design projects, and now I want to get a camera. I'm not nearly as afraid of the idea as I was! Thanks, Matt." - Diane K.  

HDR Photo Editing: Perfecting Light and Detail 

Testimonials from Students Taking This Class:

"This is a very interesting class leading to interesting processing of mundane photos in my albums. I'm not that adventurous at this point, but I do appreciate what others have done. Take the class and develop a whole new way to your photos." - Rae Kweder 

"Excellent teacher. He made it very interesting shall definitely use it more often now." - Paul Rimmington

"First class tuition. Haven't tried HDR before, now I'm hooked. Thank you." - Anne Bowman

"Very good over view of the program and shows how to get a realistic HDR finished photo. Presenter was very clear in explaining what he was doing and able to do with this program." - Thomas Piepszak

"Excellent easy to follow instructions with one program that does it all! <3" - Nancy S

"Simply the best "nuts & bolts" presentation for Aurora I have viewed yet." - Thomas Finley 

"Matt Suess is an excellent instructor who makes this AuroraHDR program seem so easy to use. I appreciate him sharing his expertise with us, and would highly recommend this class to any novice or professional photographer!" - Linda Ehlers

"Very Well done. Good even pace with plenty of detail." - Michael Schleider

"Great course. He is a wonderful teacher." - Richard Morrill

"This class was GREAT! I bought Aurora before it was released and have not been thrilled with it, but I realize it is because I didn't understand it or how to use it. This class clarified a lot for me and I'm excited to get back in there and try stuff!" - Carol Quina

"Great class! I have Aurora and I learned some thing I did not know. If you learn even one knew thing, it makes the class worthwhile. I learned many things. Thank you." - Deborah DiCicco 

"I've taken the Intro class and just finished up this one and it was great! Can't wait to play with some of my images and create something cool." - Theresa Kinkead 

"Exceptional class, i learned a lot." - Paul Larsen

"Very informative class. I feel confident now to proceed with making my own adjustments, rather than starting with presets. Thanks, can't wait for the next set of classes." - Ivan Prasin

"Great Class, very well taught, Looking forward to more from Matt Suess." - Steve Mann

"Matt is an excellent tutor wasting no one's time as he gets right to teaching this course. I was on the line about buying yet another software program until I watched his tutorial and now am quick to buy Aurora. Thanks Matt for saving me the time learning this on my own and for making me an Aurora fan." - Ian Ingersoll 

"Matt covered a lot of material in this class. I've been working with Aurora HDR for six months, but picked up a few tips I was unaware of. - Great instructions, Matt!" - Don Barton

"I think Matt did a great job explaining the program. He talked slow enough so you could understand. You have to have some experience with this program or other editing, but as whole I did learn more. I recommend this." - Maureen Kovacs

"Great class on HDR." - Ken Kauth

"Great! Understandable! Paced right with an excellent instructor! I would love to see more of these." - Tony Maistrovich

"I liked the instructor very much, clear explanation, nice voice and speech delivery." - Gerard Viardin

"Nicely done class. Explains the operation of Aurora HDR very nicely." - Steve Ellsworth  

"Very well presented - easy to understand and follow along with. Thumbs up!!" - Bob Shoemaker

"Great review of all Aurora features, which are quite numerous!" - Jim Van Hoy 

What Have You Got To Lose - Sign Up Today - the Two Classes Are FREE!

Photographer Matt Suess

A Word from the Teacher

"It was a lot of fun recording this class and I have been overwhelmed with the positive response from it. Thousands of photographers have taken the course so far and I hope you are the next one to benefit from my experience with my favorite HDR program!"

About Matt Suess

Matt has been a full-time professional photographer for over 26 years and has quickly become one of the leading fine art photgraphers & educators in the United States. Matt is a digital photography pioneer and began teaching digital photography to photojournalists in the late 90's. His passion for sharing and teaching what he has learned in his impressive and long career is evident in his down-to-earth and encouraging approach with his students.

You can see his work at fine art exhibitions such as the prestigous Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale in addition to other select juried events. In addition Matt teaches field & classroom workshops in at least 5 different states each year, offers online classerts, one-on-one instruction, provides FREE webinars & education for ON1 and Macphun Software, and still finds time to spend with his girlfriend & fine art painter Whitney M Hall as well as his companion & Best Friend Scrappy.

Matt, Whitney and Scrappy

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